year 4

One plus one equals one. This is the mathematical truth when you’re married like I’m married to Eric. I’ve begun to consider what my thoughts and actions might do to someone else. From the large purchases to the possible dinner date with a friend. I must consider this other person. Being considerate is supposedly a common courtesy we should all lend one another, but I can tell you from many visits to the hospital parking garage it most certainly is NOT common. In fact, its a surprise and a welcomed refresher course on what used to be the ‘norm.’ But, being considerate in love well that’s a whole other ball game.
Love languages. We all have them. Mine is service. I would like to service station you all over the place. Fold your under ware. Cut the crust off your sandwhich. Buy your favorite ice cream. And now that I hear myself, it sounds like I’m married to a four year old. Oops. I may have just stumbled on the problem. A problem I believe I’m not alone in. The balance of being Wife AND Mom and when to shut the one off that insists you wash your hands before eating that. Ugh.
I’m in that season of life… that beautiful exhausting season of life where I am constantly in high demand. These two boys require attention, affection, food, water & clean clothes. Some nights I am an all night buffet. Some afternoons I’m a jungle gym. Others I’m a juke box. I used to be a vixen. A mystery. A blonde 20 something with a six pack… those days are looooooong gone. Here to stay is the darker hair the body of a mother and the mystery of 20/20 special. After 2 C-sections my husband has now seen my guts TWICE. Literally. Mystery, no more. The best part about all of this is He still adores me. Still gets excited to come home at the end of the day. Still wants to see me in something form fitting. Still puts up with me and does it gently.
The whole point of my rambling is simply this; Happy Anniversary Eric. I love you entirely. I am committed to seeing this thing through ‘until death do us part.’ I am on board with my own growth and recovery so that I may be the partner you truly deserve. I am willing to get up every morning and try to love you better than I did the day before. Thanks for being an example of what love does. Today is our day.. can’t wait for our date tonight. Get ready. Tonight I’m a vixen.

2 thoughts on “year 4

  1. You have truly got it Mery! By that I mean you know how to love. I was the same way & feel I was blessed to have it as are you. I think of you often plus enjoy seeing you & your family on face book. Love you Margaret

  2. Ahhhh……I remember those early years well. What a great way to tell the story, the “REAL” story…lol lol…Happy Anniversary and may you continue to grow and let that inner vixen come out when needed….;) You still have mystery….
    I love you.

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