happy birthday kara!

Happy Birthday Kara!

You’ve been my big sister my whole life… You potty trained me and threatened me with a hot curling iron. I remember thinking, there was no one on the face of the earth that could be as cool as you were, sometimes I still feel that way. Sure, we’ve stolen each other’s clothes and pretended not too but there is an underlying honesty in our relationship that I truly treasure. You tell it like it is, whether I like it or not. Have I thanked you recently?

You once pulled me out gym, literally by my ear, dragged me home and proceeded to tell me that the notion I had about my $h*! not stinking was in fact, NOT TRUE. You drilled me. At the time I hated you for it… Now I love you for being brave enough to take on an overly confident 16 yr. old.

Thanks for driving me to and from school- and letting me in on a little secret known as, Al Green. Thanks for pulling into the front parking lot with the music blaring, you made me feel like the coolest kid in 8th grade. I fell in love with Chris Issacson in your jetta. I watched you fall in love too.

When you found out you were pregnant, I was the first one to know! You pulled me in to the bathroom and said the first words that came to you- I don’t remember exactly what you said, but I will never forget your face. It was covered in joy like jelly on 5 yr old. after lunch. That year you would watch me graduate high school, it was 10 years ago then I watched you at your graduation. My, how time flies.
Its been almost that long now and there’s an ocean of lifetime between us.

Yesterday was your birthday- and I can’t believe you’re not 26. You’ve always been 26 to me. It’s only in the last few phone calls we’ve had that I really realize you’re not this 26 year old that I idolized. You are much better. Stronger. Wiser. Smarter. And although I didn’t think it possible, more beautiful.

This year the sun will shine brighter.
This year the skies bluer than ever.
This year you’ll believe in happily ever afters again… cause you’ll get one.
This year I believe anything is possible for you.

I’ve watched you make lemonade out of life. Over and over again and continue to smile about it. Thank you for being my sister- like it or not. I love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday.
*make a wish

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