the tale of hobbs

I’d like to introduce you to the latest and greatest addition to the Smith clan; Hobbs Atly Smith was born into this world November the 3rd at 10:27 am. He weighed a whopping 6 lbs. 6 ounces and measured 18 inches long. These are the basics. But there is so much more to be told.

My delivery came about 2 weeks earlier than expected. It was Wednesday morning and we happily arrived for a routine appointment and one last ultrasound…They had been concerned with Hobbs’s weight for many weeks; I was on a pretty strict diet of all you can eat in order to assist the little mans growth. Unlike all the previous ultrasounds this picture was unfavorable. Hobbs seemed to be in distress and running quite low on amniotic fluid- TMI? (Sorry to those who are a bit more modest, I’m a tell-all kinda gal.) So, at 37 weeks and 5 days I was given a choice between an induction or a repeat c-section. After some dialouge with my Husband and a few prayers we decided to schedule the cesarean. That night was full of excitement as we prepared to meet our son, as in, TOMORROW. We had been putting off on a few last minute but crucial details of receiving our boy. i.e No dresser or any sort of storage whatsoever for clothes, diapers or blankets. In fact we didn’t even have clothes that would fit the small fella. We had to shop in the ‘doll size section of the box store. I of course, started crying in the aisle of booties and onesies. If you know me even a little, you know I’m a crier. We waddled around for 3 hours in target collecting our thoughts and dreams, sheets and wipes. It was all so surreal. I can honestly say I slept about 3 hours that night. I mean, c’mon it was practically Christmas Eve in my book. Just so you know, November 1st is open season for Christmas movies, so I passed the wee morning hours with, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It was officially time to start getting ready. Shower-check. Overnight bag-check. Camera, phone charger, favorite pj’s, car seat, baby clothes… check check check. WE WERE READY, or so we thought.

After a safe delivery for both Hobbs and myself we went into the recovery room where I would have to stay until I was able to wiggle my toes. This is where the game changed. This was the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded moment of our lives. Our doctor very gently began to describe Hobbs’s physical attirbutes, the fold over his cute little ears, the one crease in the palm of his right hand, the beating in his heart, it looked and sounded like Down Syndrome. I cannot begin to describe this next moment. It was a space where everything I thought I knew about God, my faith, our family, everything was in doubt. Would he ever go to school? Have a job? Go to prom? Get married? I mourned the loss of certain dreams I as a mother had for Hobbs.. Until I realized those things aren’t neccessarily promised to any of us. We’re all living one day at a time. We don’t get to know our life story. Not on day 1 or 50 years from now. All at once God tugged at my heart and pulled me out of the dark. In the light of the room, and the in the sunlight of the spirit I realized God had indeed entrusted us with an angel. We are his trusted servants and He had just given us the greatest gift we could’ve never hoped for.

You see, if it were up to me to write out the story of my life I would have made some serious edits. For example in my plan I went to a prestigous college where I graduated with honors, wrote a best-selling book for which pulitzer prizes were given, had a wardrobe from Neiman Marcus and well you know the list of perfect cookie cutter milestones continues… Basically I’d cut out all the messy, uncomfortable, painful, challenging and ultimately transforming life experiences. And in doing so, I would cut out all the splendor. All of the ‘worst’ things have become apart of my uselfulness to God and fellows.

Hobbs having Downs was not part of the plan I had. But, Thank God I’m not in charge because this will be so much better than anything I had in mind. He will be a teacher for sure. He will give the best hugs. He will smile more than most. He will probably most likely be missing the same ‘chip’ a friend once told me I was missing; the embarrassment chip. The one that tells you to stop dancing in the middle of the grocery store- yah I didn’t come with that ‘chip’. And neither did Hobbs.

Would you please consider adding Hobbs to your daily prayers? Would you consider walking with us in this journey of uncertainty? Could you stand to be surprised. We don’t need to know the whole look of the design, we trust the designer.

16 thoughts on “the tale of hobbs

  1. I can’t see the screen through the tears…Not tears of sadness, tears of joy for Hobbs.
    Hobbs is perfect. God chose the most amazing family to gift him to…..This is the next part of your journey, I envy that little boy and you. I will keep you all in my prayers and think I need to make a trip to see this little wonder. I love you Smith Family. <3

  2. I am crying too! Wow. Hobbs is so lucky to have such a lovely family. You are SPECIAL! You are BLESSED! Praising the Father for such an amazing little person as Hobbs. Congratulations Mery. Praying for you all.

  3. Mery, your post is beautiful! I love how in the face of adversity, you smile back! :D I firmly believe that all children are gifts from God and when he chooses to trust us with our special blessings, he picks wisely. Your loving, boisterous, child-like ways allow you to see the silver-lining in any situation and I must tell you, it’s inspiring. Hobbs is one lucky little boy. Live your life to the fullest, laugh as often as possible and love deeply, passionately and as much as possible. I tip my hat to you Mery and look forward to many more posts about the road ahead! <3

  4. Mery, I have to say I am looking forward to all your future blogs. You are going to teach me (us?) so much…ummm, you’ve already started…but each post will continue to transform hearts to be more like His while being real through the process. I love that. I love you. Thanks you sooooooooooooo much. He really is beautiful and all that hair is adorable!!!!

  5. Mery,
    I barely know you but I will stand with you and Hobbs and watch your beautiful journey unfold. You are a blessing and inspiration to so many and you little darling will be the same. I know it will not be without struggle and a little worry (medically and financially) so I will concentrate on those area in prayer for you. Hop to meet Hobbs on one of your trips to Cashmere/Wenatchee in the future. Love to you and your family, Jill Therriault

  6. Mer, As soon as I heard about your special little guy I knew he was the luckiest kid on earth. You will be the most amazing mom to him. You’re totally right about him “teaching” you…I’m so excited to watch you learn and grow with each stage of his life. I’ve been reading the best blog for about a year now and I think you’ll enjoy it too….
    You will love it.
    I love you and can’t wait to meet Hobbs :) xoxo Amy

  7. Sending all my love Mery and will be praying for you and the journey ahead. May the joys and the laughs far out way any challenge. Hobbs is so blessed to have you for a mommy. Sending lots of kisses to precious perfect Hobbs Atly. Big loves to you! Rachel

  8. So elegantly put, I know Hobbs was put on this earth to teach us all a valuable lesson. Do not judge me for what iam, love me for who iam.
    And I quote that from mery Noel, she told me that when she was 6, rock on distance xoxo love you

    1. Hi its me again,your biggest fan….I wanted to include Otto,Eric and Taylor as well in this journey that you are all about to go on,its important as your sister to shelter you and give you wise words of insperation I’m so grateful that you and Eric were given a life full of surprises. I have high hopes for all of you and know this will teach Otto patience,he will see his mommy and daddy thru a whole new set of eyes, he will see a side of you both that most kids do not get to see in there parents. Your teaching him honesty, love and its ok if your different. Those are valuable lessons in life.

  9. Dearest Mery, Eric, and familly,
    Your angel is beautiful. He is so blessed to have you for family. My oldest sister is developmentally disabled. My parents were not equipped with the “chip” for caring for a challenging youngster, not her nor me, for that matter, though challenging in different ways. Only time will show to what degree he will have this challenge. But he will have the best parents and cheerleaders in the world! My love to you all, Sandy

  10. My Mery, my dear old friend, we read books to entertain our minds, to let dance our imaginations. …and you’re right, you may have never imagined a story like the Tale of Hobbs…and yet I am reading the words and knowing without knowing how or why, the tug of war, the back and forth, the ups the downs, a stomach dropping and suddenly a spirit rising. Your words convey precisely what you mean to say. You are a wonderful Mother, a true friend and….an inspirational writer. I can not wait too much longer to meet Hobbs, and I can not wait to see you again, I miss you so much. Love you – Tink.

  11. Mer Bear,

    I haven’t read your blog in the past, but your recent post about Hobbs having an interview with Spokane Guild school immediately caught my eye, I had no idea. I just read this post and tears filled my eyes. Your outlook, attitude and words are so inspiring and this is the exact reason God chose wonderful YOU to be Hobbs mommy, he placed him in the hands of a woman he knew could do it, one who has heart, compassion and strength, much more than many do. I will be praying for precious little Hobbs and your family. Can’t wait to see how this little one’s tale unfolds and all that God has in store for his life~ loves

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