delight on a shoe string

I want to be one of those Mom’s who decorates her house.  I’m talking about the houses with the candy dishes and the appropriately colored and seasonal candy in them.  I distinctly remember friends of mine growing up who were embarrassed of this sort of festive display hosted by their parents… I always secretly wanted it for myself.  My Mom goes all out for Christmas.  Imagine if you will, the North Pole.  You have to be a collector in some sense to build up to this kind of presentation… I’m just getting started and thus the $10 dollar decoration budget was born.  Last year for Christmas I was inspired by the senses.  And Better Homes and Garden.  My Christmas decor was mostly made up of edibles and of course the always faithful, hand me downs from family.  Cranberries and limes filled glass bowls and jars, candy canes(duh) and gift wrapped biscotti filled dishes and  lined the garland.  Orange slices pierced with cloves baked beautifully into ornaments while our traditional gingerbread house stood proudly on the kitchen counter.  Last year we built our own house out of graham crackers, the kits can run up to $24 dollars (yikes!)  I’m telling you it was the most delightful season for festive and fun.  Virtually stress free decor.  I too, have been blessed with a Mom for a finess with all things beautiful.  She always had a way with presentation. ‘Presentation,’ she said, ‘was everything.’  She taught me its not about how much you have but how you take care of what you’re working with.

Which brings me to yesterdays adventure.  I call it an adventure because anytime you’re in Joann’s fabric during the Fall/Winter  hours of operation with a 40% off coupon, its an adventure.  We walked in only to find one shopping cart not in use… this tells me two things a) that majority of the people here are not shopping for one or two items and b) that there is most likely more children in need of a nap besides my own. It is impossible to walk a sleepy cranky child around a fabric store without causing much collateral damage. Sound fun?  It was! The colors of harvest overflow the aisles and martha stewart collections gleam in the florescent lighting!  All of the sudden, I’m the kid.  With a $10 budget in mind I search out all the ways possible to make our home more festive…. for the kids… yes, I tell myself I’m doing this all for them.   Again, kuddos to Better Homes and Garden for inspiring me.  In their October issue they featured a halloween party in which cut out bat shilouettes hung above the punch bowl.  It was basically a black and white theme which is not only easy its my idea of tasteful.  I ended up buying four sheets of scrapbooking paper in metallic and matte black and one garland using that coveted coupon I spoke of.  Returning home with no plan and a receipt for $6.29  I got to work. A sharpie, some tape and a lot of free hand cutting turned my kitchen into a spooky treat for the whole family.  Taylar arrived and immediately commented on the decorations.. Otto can now do a mean impression of a bat and Eric seems to be pretty impressed with my creative skills.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  Yesterday a friend told me that decorating was the kind of thing you can’t screw up… I wasn’t sure I believed it.  But I’m here today a BELIEVER.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact.  Hope this will encourage the kid in you to get out and get creative.  Its soul food baby.

One thought on “delight on a shoe string

  1. You are a girl after my own heart…Decor of any kind is how I express my love for my family. I always wanted to be that Mom and I am. Great job on the budget decor, I thought I was good on a budget….You win!!!
    Happy Holidays my friend, it’s always a pleasure follow you Miss Mery.
    Love always~Jamie~

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