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Hiya Mery Sunshine readers! I love this place because it has given me an avenue to laugh, cry, reflect, and cheerlead for everything that our sweet Miss Mery represents. She has a spunky light that I adore and wish I could take out to coffee every week! I miss you my friend!
“When you’re handed a lemon…make lemonade.” Sure. But what if it’s wintertime, the pipes are frozen, and the heater in the house is broken? I usually make all of my decisions based on a what if. What if I hadn’t eaten those last 5 cookies. What if I’d tried harder. What if I wasn’t sooo tired. Simple reasoning would then take me right to: the skinny jeans would fit, I would make time for exercising, and I would feel great. But then I’m right back to the beginning of reasoning with myself. What if I just put the skinny jeans on first and ate three of those cookies, and then did 5 jumping jacks. (push-ups are too hard). Would those jeans fit, would I feel great, and would I really actually exercise tomorrow? Probably not.

Earlier this summer my husband and I decided that I should go back to work. We needed the money, so I prayed and prayed and prayed, and *poof* God gave me the best job I’ve ever had! I get to work with clothes, and jewelry, and scarves, and soaps, and and purses, and (gasp) SHOES! And I get a discount! So I work really hard at bringing that new paycheck home. But sometimes the shoes follow me…..

So I worked for a few weeks, and remembered that we only have one minivan and a borrowed motorcycle. Here’s the problem: it snows here in Central Washington. I mean really snows. You canot ride a motorcycle in the snow. So unless God turnes that motorcycle into a snowmobile, I can kiss my new fun shoes job away. So I prayed and prayed and prayed, and *poof* God gave us a car!  Well I’ve been driving that new car to my new job and I parked it in the back lot a couple of weeks ago. And when I came back to go home, it was gone. It had been impounded because I failed to notice that I’d parked in the wrong spot. *poof* car gone.

And no money in the bank to get it out.
So I went home, I told the handsome husband, and we prayed and prayed and prayed. We went to bed, and early the next morning there was someone at our door. They were there to get our car back for us!

I went to church that Sunday sill mad about the whole thing, but opened my heart and quickly audibly heard “I put you in the place of needing a job. I provided one. I gave you a car, I took it away. And I restored it to you, at no cost to you, so that you would know that I am your God. I take good care of you. Not by your own abilities or planning, but only by my mine. I hold you in my hands and I have good things for you. You are my daughter and all blessings come to you and depart from you at my command.”

Floored, I could only stand in amazement. God, you are good. And your mercies endure forever!

So now when I’m faced with my what if reverberation, I can say: Lord, you know all the what ifs and I choose you to handle them for me. I will do my best to be faithful and take care of the things you give me, knowing that if you take them away you have a plan. And God, thanks for skinny jeans, cookies, jobs, cars,and shoes. :o)


Thanks Again Kara, for joining in!  Please visit kara more often @ http://www.karameloy.com  xo

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