the art of letting go

I had this idea when I first started this blog…  it would be my creative outlet, my way to connect with the world in a way that made me feel both empowered and like what I said mattered sometimes.  I have had to learn to let that go.  With the daily grind of keeping tabs on a very lively child as well as light house keeping and working and pregnancy and dare I mention date nights (since technically they’re in our living room.)  I haven’t really had the “time” I had envisioned to really make this blog what I had first I intended.  There’s that word again. That word whose very meaning doesn’t really mean anything at all.  Because its’ not so much what you intend to do, its what you DO that matters. Ugh.  New more realistic goal: to do the best I can at writing once a month.

Now for something a little more merry and sunshine-y.

We are moving!  Yes, The Smith family is on their way to a new life in Spokane, WA.  The Inland Northwest to be all gun-ho about it.  Opportunity awaits my incredibly talented husband as he begins a new job and I settle in as, “Mery, Mother of two.”  Its got a great ring to it, dontcha’ think?!   I have tried and failed many times to ‘move’ away.  But I was always running from someone or something.  This time around there’s no ulterior motive. The road less traveled can be scary because its uncertain but with a faithful heart and a solid program I know we’ll be great.  We leave with grateful hearts at the end of this month- I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I will be updating again very soon.  For now, know that you are missed.  Thanks as always, for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “the art of letting go

  1. Run, just run, but never from something. Run to something. Happy for you doesn’t really express the feeling I have for you and Eric. I know you’ll both continue to do great things, for eachother, others, and the world around you! I truly love you with all my heart my friend! Congratulations! And keep writing.

  2. What?!! I am very conflicted by this news. I will miss you all so much! But I am sure this is a necessAry move so I am happy for your opportunity and what I am sure will be cause for further growth, but dang! I’ll be calling soon to see you while I can. Love you darlings. Sandy

  3. You have such a poetic way with words Mery. I love your blog! Congratulations to you and your hubby on the move and the amazing journey that awaits you! Love you.

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