go with it

Back again.  And its so good to be home.  “Home is where the heart is,” and I find mine in between the lines of some good old fashioned soul searching. Writing, reflecting and of course sharing what I find there.  But, sometimes what one finds in their pocket can be just as important.
Allow me just a moment more of your time.

I needed a new pair of pants.  Not the kind of ‘needed’ that implies something cuter or the right color of khaki, the kind of ‘need’ that too often we forget really means need.  There was just one problem with that; I didn’t really have the money to buy a pair of pants.  Hmmm…  what to do?  No money, no pants, no pants, no money i.e. no job.  Cue tiny voice within: East Wenatchee Goodwill.  A sharp left and a bottoming out effect over that majorly disproportionate curb and viola.  I have my eye out on 2 racks of khakis.  I grab a handful of sizes and styles and quickly duck into the fitting room.  First pair, cute but frumpy.  Second pair , sorta tight and a little too 7th grade. 3rd pair… barely used and very seasonal, except for something hard and definitely foreign to khaki is tightly lodged in the corner pocket.  It almost feels like an ID card.  Its most definitely not-  its green and crispy clean.  It is 4 $1 dollar bills.  The tag on the pants read $3.99.  You can imagine the sort of smile I had at this particular moment.  Like someone just threw me my first ever surprise birthday party, the thought crossed my mind to return the money, but to who?  “No,” Replied the voice within “Its a gift, for your pants.”

Lesson #678  If a tiny voice within is urging you somewhere, give it a chance to help, go with it.  Trust that you have a higher power who knows exactly what you need and can do a far better job of taking care of you than you can do for yourself.  At least, that’s how it works for me.  What I find is that I’m constantly being looked after, if I stop long enough and look  back at my life I can see that despite its twisted imperfections I always have been.  Its when I stop trying to control and just let it be before me that I’m the most happy bubbly shiny and well dressed Mery I can be.
Good talking to you friends.

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