happy birthday meg pie

Dear Meggie,
Today is your day.
I have had the pleasure and undoubted honor of calling you friend for the last 8 years…  I mean, I knew you before then but you were just my ‘friends older sister’ then.  Now you’re my sister too.
Since I’ve known you, you’ve traveled half way ’round the world, worked countless jobs paying for school, attending and achieving college, got on stage, stormed the capitol a number of times,  went into slums where you took prostitutes and turned them into people with thoughts and hearts, written the naked truth and bared your soul, prayed, loved, lost, gotten up and done it all  over again.  You’re brave.  And I couldn’t be more proud of you!  Look around Meg- you are one of those who LIVES with their whole being.  A walking billboard of Carpe’ Diem!
I’ll never forget the way you took on the lawn mower this summer… Folks she’s a machine!   I had never and I mean Never operated a lawn mower, let alone mowed a lawn before.  (My husband was gone and I knew he’d love not having to do it when he got home.)  Meg, home on her ‘break’ decides she’s gonna show me how its’ done.  She threw on her oversized glam sunglasses and whipped that lawn into shape.  We contemplated carving our initials into the grass but decided against it.  Iced lattes in hand we sat proudly and stared at our job-well-done. That night we drove the empty Malaga/Alcoa Hwy. in the “topless” beauty.  We laughed outrageously loud and shared sweet silence.  You’re one of the few people who I can be completely silent with.  As we drove the bends and went in and out of dry heat and orchard cool  there was this moment where I snapped your picture…  Its imbedded in my mind forever.  You are one of the coolest people I’ll ever know.  I am so beyond blessed to have you in my life.  You’re the fill in for my son if I ever leave this earth.  You are the Rhoda and I am the Mary. You’re Susan Sarrandon and I’m Goldie Hawn in the Banger Sisters. Elaine & Petunia.

I can’t be there with you today… There’s a whole ocean in between us… but I promise you that I’ll eat cake and dance around in honor and celebration of you.  happy birthday meggie!

…to the moon and back.

One thought on “happy birthday meg pie

  1. She truly is an amazing woman. Between roller blading around our bedroom, making up dances to Ace of Base songs, or watching endless hours of Saved by the Bell, Meaghan has always been an amazing sister and role model. I’m proud to be her little sister. Thank you for writign such a wonderful blog about Meg, she deserves every word and I couldn’t have written it better myself.

    Love luff


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