better late than never

Buenas Noches!  It’s 9 o’clock  and I am currently slurping the left over frozen yogurt out of my bowl.  I’m sure that they’re are plenty of bowl slurpers out there-right?  This brought about a conversation of my favorite things. This list will include all things food.  I’d like to give you a list of the most recent and maybe you’d be so kind as to share some with me?

1. Frozen goodness, yogurt preferably but ice cream works just as well.

2. Water, I give this product an A for style and a B for function.  After two weeks it started to lose form.

3. I love to eat these at work

4. My milk and eggs come from here

5. Lunchtime

6. Only the best for my boy!

7. Not at all healthy but good for indulgence!

Alrighty, so there they are all 7 (?) of them…. huh…. 7 is such a weird place to stop.  However, it is my favorite, and most lucky number, so maybe it is just right.
You will find both meat and dairy in here which in previous seasons of my life I have abstained from, nowadays with a whole family to feed its not all about my diet.  I do my best to buy products that are made organically and those that best  support the ‘little guy’. So come on- out with it… what do you love to feed yourself and those you love most?

3 thoughts on “better late than never

  1. I am currently on a mildly amusing frozen Andes kick! I’ll give myself two but I end up back at the freezer with handfuls of those delightfully delicious minty fresh candies! Oh and I am not opposed to frosted white donuts dipped in Andes hot cocoa!

  2. Sandwiches. Hot or cold, meat or hummus, toasted or smooshy, through sickness and health: a nice big sammy cures all pain!

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