Making our food intentionally

Winter begs for soups, stews and chilly-day chili.  I made a quick yet thoughtful inventory of my cupboards and fridge and this is what I came up with; chicken noodle.  A classic heartwarming soup the whole Smith clan will be happy about.  Here’s the thing with chicken noodle, its time consuming.  At least in my house.  I loosely follow this recipe because it has the basics on making the stock-and cooking times per pounds. I like to play with herbs as I mentioned before and this is where I can get creative and really put my love into it.  I firmly believe that so much of cooking and eating, for that matter is in our intentions.  For instance, if I pull into a drive-thru coffee stand and I pick up on some weird vibes or don’t feel welcome by the attendant I simply drive off…. I don’t want to inject whatever energy wether it be negative or otherwise into my body.  Call me crazy but I can taste the difference.    I like to use organic free range chicken broth to kick start the soup making and roughly chop the carrots, celery and onions.  I try and stick to organic because, well, ‘you are what you eat.’
The best part aside from the bowl of soup itself, is that great aroma of homemade cooking.  A quick trip to the mailbox and back allows for the, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” relationship.  As soon as anyone walks through your door chances are they’re going to feel at home.  Soup is such a simple concept but it really needs care and practice, this last batch Eric assured me was my best to date. Truth be told, the only two things that were different about this batch and the last few was fresh parsley and attitude.  I got up before the sun and started my day out in service of my husband, my home and my baby boy Otto.  That one choice rippled out all day in my giving of my time and skill.  The laundry was folded a little sooner and the bed was made a little neater…     All my cooking is because of love- without it I’d be eating out of a window or a cardboard box.  Happy eating everyone!!

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